Good posture is not so easy to maintain nowadays. Many of us suffer from lower back pain and need running shoes with lots of support. A sedentary workstyle, wrong footwear or a lack of daily movement can have a negative impact on our bodies.

But did you know that doing certain exercises for just a few minutes a day can massively improve your strength, posture and running gait?

Maybe you are an over-pronating runner or are fed up with lower back pain at the end of a day spent behind your desk. Or maybe you just want to get ready for the beach 🙂 If so, try our core strengthening exercises! They look simple, but trust me – you will feel it.

This time we have prepared for you ‘a lower back pain killer’ / ‘summer abs builder’ – the hollow body hold.

Watch carefully, stick to the progression advice and observe how a few minutes a day can strengthen your abs, lower back, glutes and hips. The hollow body hold will also improve your balance and even help you with your running gait.

Strengthen your Abs and Combat Lower Back Pain from Run and Become on Vimeo.


The great thing about this exercise is that you don’t need a gym, and no equipment is needed. Save your time and money, find a bit of space on the floor and make your core strengthening exercises your beloved daily routine.

Do not hesitate, give it a go starting from TODAY, be patient and have fun!