Go Jo…

Good luck to Jo Muir who is competing at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, representing Great Britain in the Modern Pentathlon. You can see how she gets on on Friday, 6th August with events starting at 6.30am GMT.

Jo is a former member of Stewartry Athletics Club, first competing in an 800m race in 2006 as an Under 13 Athlete.

The Modern Pentathlon requires Athletes to swim, fence and ride a horse to end up with a points score which gives them a time handicap for a final event where they must run a cross-country course while occasionally shooting at targets.

We wish Jo all the best.

Training During Summer Holidays

The club would like to confirm Training Sessions will be continuing during the School Summer Holidays, as long as coach availability allows.

There may be weeks when coaching staff numbers are reduced due to holiday breaks and a decision on whether training takes place that week will usually be made the week before the training session.

Please check this website weekly to view any updates.

Together Apart District Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the recent ‘Together Apart District Championships’, you can view the Results by clicking on the links below: Under 13, 15 & 17 Under 20+

Please be aware that this was a National Competition and that the top Athletes across Scotland were taking part, many of our athletes are still in the first year of a 2 year age group.

Don’t concern yourself if you don’t appear high up on the results board, you all did well and will get better.

4J Virtual Districts Competition

On Tuesday night we will be hosting our 4J Virtual District Competition, all member Athletes are welcome to take part.

All Athletes MUST declare at the cabin by 6.30pm so please make sure you arrive early and report to the declaration desk.

The first event will be 1500m and is due to start at 6.45pm, followed immediately by the 100m. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to warm up properly.

This event is part of a National Competition and Athletes can have their times/distances entered onto the National leaderboard, however they must have an active Scottish Athletics Membership to allows this to happen. Those Athletes who have let their membership lapse, or have not joined Scottish Athletics will receive a text message from the club. This must be acted upon before Tuesday night.

See the link below to the Scottish Athletics Website….