IMG_1328Competition is Calling

‘The call to achieve a goal pulls you away from the normal grind to an athletic journey filled with unknowns, physical and mental training, self-improvement, highs and lows, growth in mind and body, challenges and dark nights of the soul, encounters and hurdles, connection and loneliness, peaks and valleys. The road ahead leads to battles royal with yourself and others. Whether you start this journey due to inspiration or desperation, you’re choosing sport. You’ll be glad you did.’


Athletes at the club are encouraged to participate in as many competitions as possible. The club is affiliated to the Scottish Athletics Association and are entered into the Central and South of Scotland League, currently in division 3.

The club also competes in the Indoor League during the winter months to provide our Athletes with the opportunity to experience competition at a venue such as the Emirates Arena in Glasgow.

With the Outdoor Season getting underway, athletes should check this site on a regular basis, along with our Facebook page, to ensure they don’t miss out on local events. For athletic meets further afield visit the Sottish Athletics web site.