If you are a runner you’ve probably heard about over-pronation. It happens when your arches collapse inwards during your stride motion, causing knees to rotate inwards and putting pressure on calf muscles, etc. I would say around 75% of our customers are mild to strong overpronators, so it is quite common.

There are many reasons for an extensive overpronation – it can be genetic, lack of barefoot activities, wrong footwear, old injuries… That’s why it is very important to have the correct footwear for high impact activity like running or jumping. The variety of running shoes is extraordinary – they come in different shapes, technology of cushioning, extent and position of support to stabilise your arch and prevent your foot from rolling inwards. In our stores, we provide a natural gait analysis, so we can choose the best shoe for you from over 270 different models! Many of our customers keep asking us if there is anything else they can do to make their feet stronger. The answer is: YES!

Do you know that strengthening your glutes can decrease your overpronation? Strong butt muscles will help stabilise your hips and knees, preventing your feet from rolling inwards. You will notice a difference after just a few weeks of the core exercises below. Try these 2 exercises for glutes maximus and glutes medius in our new video. Supine bridge and clamshell are not only for a great figure, but also develop strength in your core muscles and improve your running technique. Start from today and watch how the magic happens!

Build Strong Glutes to Run Better from Run and Become on Vimeo.