Calf tightness is a common complaint for runners. But if you keep your calf muscles strong and limber you’ll not only keep injury at bay but help your endurance capacity increase and even run faster.

So, what’s the secret? A bit of post run care and a touch of core strengthening. So, let’s get started… Press play!

The Solution to Calf Strain in Runners from Run and Become on Vimeo.


These calf stretches will improve the health of your muscles but always remember: calf tears need rest not stretch; if you think you might have a tear then consult a physiotherapist pronto.

Body conditioning really has to be seen as an essential part of our weekly training routine. It does us so much good; not only working on other muscles that running doesn’t quite reach but also building strength to maintain good posture and detoxing all that stress we are so good at holding on to each day. So dedicating part of your exercise time to glutes and stomach workout, plus a few press-ups for those shoulders, will arguably help as much as stretching. Everything’s connected!

Goska’s videos show you how to fit your strength training in with ease; quickly and effectively. So check out her posts below.

In my video I talk of Shiatsu as the magic cure for unhappy calf muscles. It really can help with getting the blood and oxygen flushing through the muscles and tendons, aiding recovery. Of course, physiotherapy is also great, and I hear a spot of acupuncture also does the trick.

Lastly, The Grid roller is your little helper! Rolling on your calf muscles, plus any other sore and stiff areas, massages away the tightness. It’s also a good idea to massage your muscles after a shower and the Nature’s Kiss Recovery Cream is natural, smells good and is packed with good things to help your muscles recover.