New Committee & Office Bearers

Following the Club AGM, which took place Tuesday 1st March, the following Office Bearers and Committee Members have been elected:

Office Bearers

  • Chairperson – Lindsay Stewart
  • Treasurer – Robert Duncan
  • Secretary – Abby Tuchewicz & Sarah Crudgington
  • Welfare Officer – Lisa Maxwell
  • Head Coach – Nicky Cruickshank

Committee members

  • Anna Barbour
  • Carol Anne Campbell
  • Sarah Crudgington
  • Lesley Miller
  • Lucie Kimbell Stewart

Raymond Henry, who is stepping down as Secretary after 10 years, would like to thank everyone for their support, especially during the difficult period during the COVID epidemic.

Club AGM

The Club AGM will be held at Dalbeattie High School on Tuesday 1st March, at 6.45pm.


The club need to form a Management Team and Committee, without these the club will NOT BE ABLE TO RUN

When you drop off your daughter/son for training that night, don’t drive away, join the meeting.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Safe & Happy New Year to all Athletes, helpers and parents from the Coaches and Committee at Stewartry Athletics.

Please note training will resume on Tuesday 11th January, COVID permitting.

Keep Running!!!!!!