Additional work for Sprinters during January.

WEEKEND  done on Grass.

Warm-ups.                  Jog gently round grass pitch/park

Drills.                          Usual drills and any extra stretches.

Strides.                       Strides 1 – 6 over about 40m.  (Or 1 – 5 if too slippy for top speed)

Sprints.                       6 x fast 60s with walk back recovery.(or whatever distance you can do at speed)

Recovery.                    10 Roll downs

                                    15secs each side hamstring stretches

                                    10 shoulder lifts or circles

                                    Back stretches

Plyometrics                 2 sets of 10m  hop on left leg.  Return to start hopping on right leg. Hop for height

                                    preferably on soft ground rather than tar or frozen ground. 2-3mins jog recovery.

Endurance                  2 Sets of 6 Hill runs, choose your own distance & steepness but walk down and leave

                                    5 mins between sets.

                                       15 mins Cross country running,putting in a few fast bursts. final 5 mins at warm-                                       down jog pace always in sight of parent or companion.

Warmdown                Stretches – hamstrings, shoulders, back and soleus.                         


CIRCUIT – Thursday or Friday evenings.    All done indoors.

Warm-ups                   Jog on spot for 2 mins using arms.

Drills on spot  10 knees-up.  10 bottom-kicks

                                    10 straight leg lifts (can-can)

                                    10 jumping jacks with arms overhead.

Stage Training 3          Each exercise done 3 times through before moving on to the next exercise.

                                    6 press-ups 30s rest then 6 press-ups 30s rest then 6 press-ups. 90Secs break.

                                    6 Roll downs from sitting, rolling back then up before touching floor, as above.

                                    6 Squats, as above

                                    6 Shoulder lifts, as above                                

                                    6 Jumping Jacks, as above                              

                                    6 x push up onto toes quickly then lower down very slowly.   Once through only.   

                                    2 x 12secs each side hamstring holds. Once through only.

Stairs or Step-ups       8 runs up stairs, with WALK back down OR 16 step-ups each leg.

Warm-down stretches – do each one 3 times through for 10 secs each.

  1.  Sitting – legs straight out, toes up to ceiling, back straight stretch forward.
  2. Lie on back, arms over head, stretch hands away from feet.
  3. Turn onto hands and knees, – happy cat, angry cat. Done very slowly. (30secs continuously)4 Sit back against wall, put soles of feet together, hold feet and allow knees to gently flop towards floor.