Training Schedule – Sprints

Additional sessions for sprinters to be done during December.


WEEKEND  done on Grass.

Warm-ups.                  Jog gently round grass pitch/park

Drills.                          Usual drills and any extra stretches.

Strides.                       Strides 1 – 6 over about 40m.

Sprints.                       3 x fast 60s with walk back recovery.

Recovery.                    10 Roll downs

15secs each side hamstring stretches

10 shoulder lifts or circles

Back stretches

Endurance                  15 mins Cross country running, done as Fartlek, driving up any hills then jog back down and turn round to drive up again, soaring over the top of the hill on this push.  Jogging for 10 secs before going back to steady running, always in sight of parent or companion.


Warmdown                Stretches – hamstrings, shoulders and back, then 3-4 mins.  Easy jog.


CIRCUIT – Thursday or Friday evenings.    All done indoors.


Warm-ups                   Jog on spot for 2 mins using arms.

Drills on spot   10 knees-up.  10 bottom-kicks

10 straight leg lifts (can-can)

10 jumping jacks with arms overhead.

Circuit 6                      6 press-ups

6 Roll downs from sitting, rolling back then up before touching floor

6 Squats

6 tricep dips using bottom step of stair

6 Shoulder lifts

6 Jumping Jacks

Done Continuously 6 times through.

Stairs or Step-ups       6 runs up stairs, with WALKback down OR12 step-ups each leg.

Warm-down stretches – do each one 3 times through for 10 secs each.

  1. Sitting – legs straight out, toes up top ceiling, back straight stretch forward.
  2. Lie on back, arms over head, stretch hands away from feet.
  3. Turn onto hands and knees, – happy cat, angry cat. Done very slowly.

Sit back against wall, put soles of feet together, hold feet and allow knees to gently flop towards floor.