imagesWe all know it is important to follow a healthy balanced diet in order to provide our body with sufficient energy and nutrients to maintain optimum wellbeing and protect against the risk of disease. Therefore, regardless of your activity level, nutrition should play an fundamental role in your everyday life: as it is essential to help you perform at your best.

Each individual’s nutritional requirements are different depending on a number of factors including age, gender and discipline.

Here are a few hints and tips prior to training and competition:

  • Three to four hours prior to exercise consume a meal which is high in carbohydrate, moderate in protein and low in fat and fibre. This could be a rice or pasta dish, a baked potato, fruit and yoghurt or something as simple as a bowl of cereal.
  • One or two hours prior to exercise you may wish to have an additional snack. This could be a milkshake, a smoothie or a cereal bar.
  • If you are training early in the morning you may not always feel like having your normal breakfast. However you could try a light snack such as a piece of fruit, a glass of fruit juice, a glass of milk or cereal bar. You may find this will enhance your training session.
  • During training or competition sessions of less than one hour duration it is not necessary to take on board additional carbohydrate, water is sufficient. However for longer periods sports drinks, gels or bars would be beneficial.
  • Recovery from training and competition is vital for those that have less than eight hours between sessions. As a general guide, refuel as soon as possible with around 30-50g of carbohydrate and 10-20g of high quality protein. Fluids are often the ideal choice for this post exercise snack.

extract from article by Rebecca Burns PB Magazine

Eat and Drink Like a Champion

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