Core Exercises

The following exercises should be carried out on a nightly basis to help improve the core strength of Athletes:

  • Single leg standing – 45 sec each leg
  • Sit-ups – 30
  • Press-ups – 20
  • Oblique/Diagonal Sit-ups – 20
  • Planks – 30 sec front, then each side for 30 sec
  • Lower abbs – lie on back legs straight, raise both legs off the ground ( 20cm ), raise and lower each leg alternatively ( 15 each leg )
  • Quads – feet 1.5 – 2 foot lengths from the wall, back against the wall, 1/2 squat position – hold for 3 minutes. When you can hold for this length of time go into full squat and hold for 3 minutes.
  • Hamstring Stretches – Sit on floor, back against the wall, legs apart, lean forward and gradually work hands forward, hold and then go further if possible. 
These exercises should only be carried out after they have been demonstrated by one of our coaches.