How did you first get involved in your sport?

Ran a fun run and got advised to go along to the Stewartry Athletics Club. From there got involved in multi events and found shot putt. Over time specialised in shot putt

What do you enjoy the most about being a sportsperson?
I enjoy the training, and seeing the outcome. I love to compete and in doing so meet new people.

Who is your sporting hero? 

Derek Redmond- he trained unbelievably hard to get to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. When in the semi-final there he tore his hamstring 150m into the race. For any normal person they would stop there and wait for medical assistance. But Derek got to his feet and hopped the remaining 250m to the Finish line with help from his father. He’d trained so hard he had to achieve his goal of running in the Olympics He got a standing ovation from the thousands of people in the stands and brought many to tears.

Kirsty Yates
Kirsty Yates